What to Expect From Your Glow

Sunless tanning sprays, gels, creams and lotions color the skin without exposure to ultraviolet light. The main ingredient in these products is called dihydroxyacetone, or more commonly known as DHA. DHA is a simple sugar derived from sugarcane, sugar beets, and the fermentation of glycerin. The colorless 3-carbon sugar compound binds with the first layer of skin, the stratum corneum.

Although the skin cells in this layer of skin are considered “dead skin cells”, the DHA reacts with keratin, and creates a darkening effect. The color change typically lasts 5-7 days, depending on how well a client takes cares of their skin, post-tan.

The superior ingredients leave no streaks or orange hue- just an incredible bronze glow.

Preparing For Your Glow

The night before your glowing session, be sure to exfoliate your skin and shave your legs if necessary. Outstanding tanning results are seen when a client removes dead skin cells and any lotions or perfumes that may be on the skin because this can interfere with the tanning solution. You will also want to wipe away any deodorant with a baby wipe or wet cloth.

During your tanning session, women can wear a bathing suit, or nothing at all, depending on your comfort level. Men- bathing suits stay on! The tanning solution is washable so that any excess that appears on your bathing suit will wash off immediately.

Your glow is done in a portable spray tanning tent, so please make sure there is enough room for the tanning artist to set up. We also need direct access to a wall outlet for the tanning machine and fan, as well as ceilings at least 6 feet high to unfold the tent. You will be asked to wear disposable sandals, which we provide, to ensure the spray doesn’t tan the bottom of your feet.

After your spray tan has completely dried, you should dress in loose fitting clothing. Avoid wearing a bra or tight clothing like exercise pants and jeans, so the tan doesn’t smear when it’s developing on your skin. We recommend you don’t shower for at least 8-10 hours after your glowing session to allow the tan to properly penetrate your skin and give you outstanding results. It’s also important not to wash your hands for several hours.

Your tan will develop over time into a perfect bronze glow if you follow these simple steps. Make sure to stay hydrated and moisturize after your first shower to lengthen the life of your glow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Sunless tans begin to develop within 3-4 hours of application, and continue to darken as long as 24 hours after they are applied. The intensity of the color can depend upon the proper pH balance of the skin, the formula of the product being used, and the natural skin color and tone.

The sunless tan typically fades within a 5-7 day period. Prolonged water submersion, swimming in pools, or heavy sweating can lighten the tan by accelerating the shedding process of a client’s skin.

How do I care for my sunless tan?

Caring for your sunless tan will increase the life of your glow. Avoid exposure to water or participation in vigorous activities that might cause you to perspire until after your first post-tanning shower. Once your tan has developed into a beautiful glow, it becomes part of the outer layer of your skin and should be cared for so that the color doesn’t fade. By keeping your skin hydrated with a pH-balanced moisturizer, and avoiding any oil-based products or petroleum, you can maintain a healthy tan for longer.

Help! My tan is fading in spots where I sweat like underarms and cleavage….

If you haven’t properly exfoliated to gently remove the fading tan, it is a good idea to wait before your next spray tan. During the summer months, your skin sheds faster because of the heat, as well as exposure to swimming pools and oceans. The key is to exfoliate gently every couple of days AFTER your first post-tan shower. You can use a gentle body polisher mixed with water.

What should I exfoliate?

The areas that typically fade first after a sunless tan are the creases of your arm, your neck and possibly around your bra area. It’s important to exfoliate every few days and use a gentle moisturizer because the wrong product, like something with citrus in it, could shorten the length of your tan. Using a pH-balanced moisturizer will help increase the life of your glow. Keep it simple.

If you are a regular sunless tanner, it is important to heavily exfoliate your skin once a month.

I want to work out after my sunless tan. What should I do?

Try and postpone your gym workout until 24 hours after your sunless tan. If you are prone to sweating, you can use baby powder in the areas where you typically sweat like your cleavage, behind your knees, under your arms and anywhere else that may sweat.

Will my skin look orange?

No, because today’s lightweight spray tan formulas have been combined with advancements in the spray guns used to deliver a precise micro-spray of tanning mist. The result is an even spray over the entire body and the exact amount of spray to produce a natural and healthy-looking glow. The risk with self-applied tanners and lotions is uneven coverage, which can produce the orange effect on skin.

How long does it take?

A typical full-body session takes approximately 20-25 minutes. We also recommend you allow a few extra minutes to dry completely before getting dressed again. For partial body tans, allow 15-20 minutes.

How do I make an appointment?

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